Producción Científica


  • Efficient Bayesian uncertainty estimation in linear finite fault inversion with positivity constraints by employing a log-normal prior
    R. Benavente,  J. Dettmer,  P. Cummins  and M. Sambridge
    Geophysical Journal International,
  • What Can We Do to Forecast Tsunami Hazards in the Near Field Given Large Epistemic Uncertainty in Rapid Seismic Source Inversions?
    Rodrigo Cienfuegos,  Patricio Catalán,  Alejandro Urrutia,  Roberto Benavente,  Rafael Aránguiz and Gabriel González
    Geophysical Research Letters,
  • Slow slip events and the 2016 Te Araroa Mw 7.1 earthquake interaction: Northern Hikurangi subduction, New Zealand
    A. Koulali,  S. McClusky,  L. Wallace,  S. Allgeyer,  P. Tregoning,  E. D’Anastasio and  R. Benavente
    Geophysical Research Letters,
  • Attenuation tomography of the upper inner core
    T. Pejić,  H. Tkalčić,  M. Sambridge  V. Cormier and R. Benavente
    Geophysical Research Letters,
  • W phase source inversion using high‐rate regional GPS data for large earthquakes
    S. Riquelme,  F. Bravo,  D. Melgar,  R. Benavente,  J. Geng,  S. Barrientos and  J. Campos
    Geophysical Research Letters,
  • Rapid automated W‐phase slip inversion for the Illapel great earthquake (2015, Mw = 8.3)
    R. Benavente,  P. Cummins and J. Dettmer
    Geophysical Research Letters,
  • Trans-dimensional finite-fault inversion
    J. Dettmer,  R. Benavente,  P. Cummins and M. Sambridge
    Geophysical Journal International,
  • Simple and reliable finite fault solutions for large earthquakes using the W‐phase: The Maule (Mw = 8.8) and Tohoku (Mw = 9.0) earthquakes
    R. Benavente  and P. Cummins
    Geophysical Research Letters,

Líneas de Investigación

  • Fuente sísmica
  • Problemas inversos
  • Alerta temprana
  • Inferencia bayesiana
  • Interacción terremoto-tsunami

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