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Geotectónica y Geología Estructural

Producción Científica


  • Fondecyt Postdoctorado 3200348: Long-term structural evolution of the western Andean slope and its control on the west-vergent seismogenic front (Maule region, ~36° S).
  • Myllennium Nucleus Seismic Cycle in Subduction Zones (CYCLO) (Postdoctorante).
  • Fondecyt 1120715 (Doctorante): The initiation of Andean subduction: Triassic to Late Jurassic magmatism and basin dynamics in northern Chile (25°30′-31°) (Doctorante)


  • Espinoza, M., Oliveros, V., Vásquez, P., Giambiagi, L., Morgan, L., González, R., Solari, L. and Bechis, F (2021). Gondwanan inheritance on the building of the western Central Andes (Domeyko Range, Chile): Structural and Thermochronological Approach (U-Pb and 40Ar-39Ar). Tectonics, 40(3),
  • Oliveros, V., Vásquez, P., Creixell, C., Lucassen, F., Ducea, M., Ciocca, I., González, J., Espinoza, M., Salazar, E., Coloma, F. (2020). Lithospheric evolution of the Pre- and Early Andean convergent margin, Chile. Gondwana Research. 80, 202-227.
  • González, R., Espinoza, D., Robledo, F., Jeria, V., Espinoza, M., Torres, P. and Rogers, H., 2020. Evidence for two stages of back-arc compression in the late Cretaceous fold-and-thrust belt in the Precordillera of northern Chile (24°30′S–25°30′S). Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 103102706.
  • Espinoza, M., Montecino D., Oliveros V, et al (2019). The synrift phase of the early Domeyko Basin (Triassic, northern Chile): Sedimentary, volcanic, and tectonic interplay in the evolution of an ancient subduction‐related rift basin. Basin Research, 31: 4–32.
  • Poblete, F., Roperch, P., Hervé, F., Diraison, M., Espinoza, M., Arriagada, C. (2014). The curved Magallanes fold and thrust belt: Tectonic insights from a paleomagnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study. Tectonics, 33(12), 2526–2551.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Geología Regional
  • Geología Estructural
  • Análisis de cuencas
  • Geocronología-Termocronología